Private coaching to unlock your specific well-being challenges.

Receive personalized coaching from our expert naturopathic chef to tackle your unique challenges, from weight loss to skin health and anything in between. Learn how smarter food choices can dramatically impact your goals.


Meet the trainer:

I'm Asmaa Lahlou, a food consultant and Naturopathic Chef, and I want to help you through these private consultation sessions to get your body back on track. We'll go step by step, making sure we're doing everything the right way. More than just a wellness coaching, we'll learn together about healthy eating, find what works best for you, and start building habits that can last a lifetime. It's not just about a quick fix; it's about finding a new balance for you. 

What you'll get:

  • Four hours of¬†personalized consultation

  • Food diary¬†assessment

  • Laser focused analysis¬†of your signs and symptoms by our expert naturopathic chef

  • Custom-tailored approach to¬†your health goals

  • Customised meal plans and recipes that¬†fit with your objectives and preferences
  • Flexible scheduling¬†to fit your lifestyle

  • Complete¬†privacy and confidentiality

So stop waiting to transform your life! Benefit from one-on-one expert guidance.


Discover what we cover in the private coaching sessions

So stop wondering how to take the first step toward a revitalized you and book your FREE consultation 


3500 AED

4 one hour private coaching sessions with our naturopathic chef, tailored to your needs, lifestyle and well-being objectives 

  • Private in depth intake assessment to tailor your experience
  • A detailed and personalised recommendation
  • Tailored meal plan, recipe book and¬†shopping list
  • 4 online¬†private coaching sessions¬†planned¬†to fit¬†your schedule
  • WhatsApp support

Check out what people are saying

Sophie, 48 years, France

This consultation was a revelation for me. I left with a lot of information, which turned into questions after several days, to which Asmaa really took the time to respond. This consultation opened up a field of vision/knowledge for me on the impact/repercussions of our environment and diet on our health. In short, this meeting was a revelation thanks to the information shared by Asmaa. In summary, I would say that Asmaa gives us the tools and information... it's up to us then to put new lifestyle habits into practice

Sophie,  34 years, Business coach, UAE

The naturopathy consultation with Asmaa was a rich experience. She generously shared  with me her knowledge, in a smooth structured manner, explaining the body mechanism and how food can naturally help produce and boost energy.  I liked the pragmatism of her approach, with advices easy to implement progressively, I felt no guilt to use microwave oven, even if now I am convinced to try to use it less often.

Chloé, 15 years(*), Student, UK

I took a 3 month consultation package that was structured in 13 sessions. I learned a lot about my body, about food and the connection between both. It was a brilliant experience! Months later, I still use lots of tips like reading labels when shopping, eating a fresh orange along a handful of almonds (to balance my blood sugar), trying to sprout lentils first (more enzymes and less carbs). Healthy cooking becomes much easier when we learn all this.

(*) Parental consent is needed for under 18 yo.

Isabelle, 41 years, Artistic director, Egypt

I took a couple of consultations following a gall bladder removal surgery. We first did a holistic assessment, including diet, lifestyle, health history, psychological state and then I was coached how to nurture my organs following the surgery. I particularly appreciated the customised educational dimension of these private sessions, Asmaa gave me a lot of knowledge and advice how to be independent and enjoy a healthy diet without losing my sweet tooth!

Dalila, 47 years, Career coach, UK

I suffered from high blood pressure and I knew it was partly due my diet. Asmaa's thorough assessment of my lifestyle and eating habits led to a personalized meal plan. This coaching empowered me to embrace a sustainable diet and debunk myths about food, putting me in control of my health. I highly recommend MyAuthentikSpoon private coaching as it has been really effective for me.

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Note: This program is designed for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace professional medical care. Always consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.